It is our mission to provide the resources and experiences to

Build Healthy Students

physically, cognitively and socially, now and for a lifetime.


The Vision of the Batavia High School Physical Education and Health Department is to produce graduates who possess:

· Knowledge of the five components of fitness and how they can improve or maintain those areas based on annual fitness assessments.

· Qualities of good sportsmanship, cooperation, and teamwork to enhance their contributions in our society.

· The ability to confidently participate in a variety of individual and team sports, weight training exercises, and recreational activities throughout their lives.

· A clear understanding that staying fit is a lifetime goal by choosing to participate in activities and make decisions that promote healthy habits.

· An understanding of the Health Triangle (Physical, Mental-Emotional, Social), and identify, maintain or find the resources to change to ensure a balanced life.

We Value:

    • A health and wellness process which is the primary responsibility of the student, but which is also shared by family, district and community.

    • Accountability for all students to be prepared, on time and give 100% effort at all times. We believe students should accept responsibility and consequences for personal decisions and behaviors.

    • Positive attitudes, cooperative collaboration, and appropriate communication in ways that promote and maintain dignity and respect for all.

    • The alignment of a diverse curriculum to meet State standards and allow students an elective process for activities which best suit their personal, fitness and health education needs.

  • A comprehensive program which values creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

    • Annual Trifit assessments for all students so they can compare, contrast and analyze data to make appropriate decisions about their health and well-being.

  • An environment that promotes learning through competition, sportsmanship, and team-building.

    • Students' ability to have knowledge of the 5 health related components of fitness and apply them within their physical training throughout their lives. (Muscular Strength, Muscle Endurance, Flexibility, Cardiovascular Endurance, Body Composition)

    • Maximal activity and guided practice time for all students at appropriate level of ability.

    • Students' learning experiences will have the potential to integrate psychomotor, affective and cognitive learning domains whenever possible.

    • The encouragement of a positive attitude toward physical activity that leads to a more active lifestyle during unscheduled leisure time.

    • Appropriate class sizes conducive to student learning.

    • Current and cutting edge technologies that allow students to be prepared for life after Batavia High School.

    • Data from a variety of sources to help our staff make continuous improvements in our curriculum.

  • A modified Physical Education program that is available to all students with special needs and medical limitations.

    • Safe and functional equipment and facilities for students and staff.

    • Keeping our Students Safe by having a plan of communication to and from the building administration in case of emergency.

    • The belief that a fit body makes for a fit mind, and the correlation between fitness, brain activity and academic success.