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Physical Education/Health Requirements 

To be eligible to receive a Batavia High School Diploma, a student must successfully complete the required Physical Education (3.5 credits) and Health (.5 credits) classes unless excused as provided in this policy.

  1. Medical- Any student who is unable to participate in Physical Education for medical reasons must present to the school nurse verification from a licensed physician.  Alternate activities or assignments may be implemented by the teacher for these students to receive the appropriate credits.
  2. Religious- Students unable to participate in Physical Education due to religious considerations must present a letter from an ordained cleric of the faith involved.  This letter must stipulate that the religious objection is based on a canon of the faith and applies to all members of the particular faith involved.  Students excused from Physical Education for religious reasons must maintain a schedule of four classes each term.
  3. User fee of $2.00 per term for PE and Health.
If a student does not meet the minimal requirements for an elective PE class, they may be removed from the selected elective and assigned a General PE class.

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